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Hi, my name is Julie. I have been dating Romeo for three months.
But there is “a long breach” between our families and theirs. If our secret known, “bloodshed can ensue”!
Is there a something good way ?

Dear Mr. Mikaku-sai, my handle is Republican, work for R cope.
I am at the turning point in my life.
I would like to remove the CEO. The reason why I will rise against Mr.C, my boss, is: Not that I loved Mr.C less, but that I loved R cope more. He was fortune,valiant,but now he is ambitious. He plots to get dictatorial control of our cope, he is going to wear a kingly crown!
I will fight in the cause of justice. If my attempt to remove him results in failure, I will dare to be stigmatized as a Brutus. Would you tell me your idea on my plan ?

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Hi, Julie. You have got a hexagram “Inner truth (composed of wind and lake)”.
I’d like to give advice to you that you should give your secret away and not think about your problem too seriously.

Look at this hexagram. Two broken lines are in the inside of Four solid lines. A broken line is ying, meaning flexibility,softness,negativity, or unarmored, etc. Otherwise A solid line is yang, meaning solidity, hardness, positiveness, or armored, etc.
So, “Inner truth” symbolizes inner unarmored truth. The classics says, “It furthers one to cross the great water”. This words mean that you can carry out even a big business.
Again, look at a shape of this hexagram. Ancient philosophers used this as “two mouths opposite to each other”, or “face to face”. So, they thought that a person got this hexagram should speak or negotiate honestly, expecting the successful result.

Especially about love and marriage, what should we make explanations on this hexagram?
This hexagram means “Inner truth”, so it have been said to be good for the matter of love and marriage. But on the other hand, the shape of this hexagram have been said to symbolize the shape of a kiss, or love too passionate.
So, from Ancient philosophers to modern advisors on “I Ching” have been addressed a warning to a person who get this hexagram not to commit an affectional crime such as a double suicide or other.
This is the reason why I ‘d like to give you advice not think too seriously.



Dear Mr.Republican. You have got hexagrams “The army Going to The Receptive Earth” (changing one-xiao).
I would like to tell you that it is not a time.

When having got hexagrams “X Going to Y”, we ekisya make explanation that now you are in a state of X, and that state of X will go to a state of Y or a state of X contains that of Y. Adding to this, the case of “changing one-xiao“, we have to refer to the explanations of the changing xiao. I would like to make explanations in order.

First, hexagram “The army” symbolize a war. And in old Chinese philosophies, wars are thought to be phenomena with griefs and to be avoided as possible. So it has been said that wars should have been carried out as the last resort.
Second, we need to think about a hexagram “The Receptive Earth”,symbolizing the Mother Earth. In this state, it has been said that we have to be broad-minded and should choose a gentle way.
Then, we can think about the explanations of the changing xiao, or the second xiao of the hexagram of “The army”.
I Ching” explains on this xiao, “In the midst of the army. Good fortune. No blame. The king bestows a triple decoration”. This explanation means that you have an ability of great commander everyone relied on.
So, generally speaking, you looks being in good conditions at the state of a conflict. But the second xiao of “The Receptive Earth”, closely related to the second xiao of “The army”, means that it is a time to be forced to struggle and to have to endure expecting a chance in some other time.

Mr. Republican, you have an ability of great commander. But “I Ching” tells you that it is not a time to go to strong way. Especially, a crime is forbidden in this classics. you have not to be a Brutus. It is to be desired to pursue your idea after you being an Augustus.

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