Welcome to my room! My name is Mikaku-sai (a resident in A room still unlimited).
Let me state a little about me and the meanings of this website.

I am an ekisya (i zha), or an advisor on “I Ching (Eki kyou)“.
I Ching” or “The book of changes” is a thought book compiled in China about 2000 years ago.
The thought of this book is ‘yin-yang dualism’ and ‘changes and circulations of yin and yang‘.
And this classics tells us that Everything in the universe, from human relationships to the incidents in great nature, participates in the course of ceaseless changes and that we can experience theseĀ  changes.
An ekisya gives some advice a person based on the thought of this classics, or “I Ching”.

I would like to study more about “I Ching” and to introduce the thought of this classics to everyone.
This is the meanings of my founding this website.

So, please give me a chance to give you some advice on this classics.
If you have some to say, please tell me that from contact form.
I will make a post and give you some advice for free without infringing your personal information.

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